First-Day Jitters

For what seemed to have been the longest ride of the summer, the five hours it took to get from Suffolk to Fairfax Virginia gave me plenty of time to do one of four summer assignments, as well as get my stomach jitters stabilized. Yes, as most know I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t have something to stress about, whether it be before a life-threatening test or even choosing the right flavor of gum.

So as I rode the entire way to George Mason clutching my stomach, I was predicting how the week would be. Would I like my roommate? Would I be able to mingle with people quickly? Will I be able to execute the assignments efficiently? Although these questions constantly swarmed my mind when we finally got to campus, I still tried to keep an open mind and spirit. And I am so glad I did that.

If I could sum of the first day in one word it would be: “motivating”. Because of the way the other correspondents treated me as well as my JFA and FA, I am motivated to mingle more and enjoy completing my assignments; especially knowing we all have the same uncertainty and curiosity. My beautiful-spirited roommate motivated me as well to take risks (whether she knows it or not) socially, which I will take with me even when I enroll in my four-year institution.

Now that I am currently typing my first blog as I reflect on today, I cannot help but feel thankful for my roommate , suitemates, and faculty advisors for allowing me to have a smooth transition. I am also  thankful for the food tonight, because it blessed my soul whole-heartedly.

On a more serious note, I am thankful for my parents for granting me this opportunity; they understand that this a great experience for me to transition out of my comfort zone and show me if I want to pursue this as a career. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the week unfolds as I meet more friends and learn new journalistic skills.


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